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Aloha Parents and Guardians,

Soon your child will be in high school. As part of the graduation requirement all students must earn one credit of physical education. If your child will be attending Campbell High School and taking Physical Education during the upcoming school year you can help them prepare by ordering PE clothing ahead of time. Students taking Phys. Ed. during the school year are expected to dress in proper Physical Education attire every day. Proper attire consist of black shorts, grey T-shirt, gym shoes and socks. To assist parents and guardians in getting their child ready for Physical Education please see below.

The Campbell P.E. department looks forward to working with your child in the upcoming school year.

  • Place your P.E. pre-order online between May 15 ‐ June 30 to have your P.E. order ready for pick-up at JCHS Schedule & Payment Day in on July 15th.