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We at Green T Designs want to do more, help more, and make a difference in our schools!  We produce Custom Logo Uniforms, Apparel and Promotional items for schools, events, groups and organization.  We work with some of the largest hotels and restaurants in Hawaii.  Our promise is to always be here for you, we strive to make a difference!
Green T Designs contact info:
Hours of operation:  M-F 9-5
By phone: 808 -265 -1811
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Why School Uniforms?
When students wear uniforms, it changes more than their look - it changes their outlook.

Uniforms instill pride. They help students feel like they're part of something important, and worthwhile. They foster school spirit, and they build unity. Rather than sorting themselves into cliques and groups through "fashion statements," students who wear uniforms can better see and appreciate one another as equals, and come together more readily as a cohesive community.
  • School Uniforms bring safety back to the school campus
  • Uniforms take the competition out of dress
  • School Uniforms bring an image of success to students and teachers 
  • School Uniforms keep the focus on learning, not clothing
  • Uniforms have resulted in declining truancy and increased attendance
  • Uniforms add measures of safety in identical dress. Gang identification is obscured. Group violence and theft are dissipated.
  • Makes it easier for Admin. and staff  to identify intruders quickly
  • Price was, overwhelmingly, the number one reason in determining where a household purchased most of their school uniform items. "Wearing a school uniform saves money on clothes" was the response given most often by parents when asked their opinion on their school's dress code.